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Oran, the store

The new winter collection between two shores

11:30 in the centre of Oran. Morning activities intensify before drawing to a close.

Ready for a little stroll?

In an unsuspecting alleyway, a shopfront tickles your attention.

There, you glance colourful fabrics,
Some opaque, others luminescent like satin.
The motifs appear in need of telling their story.
Cross the street, take a closer look. These are the scarves.

EditoNeïla Romeyssa
00:00 / 02:14
Baçira Close Up Férielle.jpg


90x90cm. Hand-rolled hem. 100% Italian silk twill.

La Bercée Close Up Vanessa.jpg

La Bercée

138x138cm. Hand-rolled hem. Silk & wool.

Baida Nature Morte_edited.jpg




La Makanerie is a brand of scarves and stoles which emerged from the tales, history, and cultural heritage of Mediterranean women. Made from 100% GOTS-certified Italian silk and wool, it is committed to a production that is both future-oriented and mirrors the women who inspired it: authentic, bold, and unapologetically free.


Each motif design is a limited-edition print.

Nature morte Baçira Baida.jpg
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